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Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus 25 for Pet Food Storage

The Vittles Vault Plus 25 is just right for keeping your pet food fresh in that small space with the space efficient square elegantly designed style shape. They are absolutely Airtight to keep your pet food fresh. The easy grip molded handles make it easy to move even when full. Ideal for those mid size […]

Vittles Vault 50-Pound Stackable

Airtight/Watertight “Space Efficient Square Style” with Molded Handles Gamma2 Vittles Vault Square Containers Pets come in all shapes and sizes and so do pet food containers. That’s why we created the Vittles Vault Prime line – these containers are designed to be the “Best in Class” and keep your dry pet food fresh and pest […]

Gamma Vittles Vault Plus

Absolutely airtight storage system for dry pet foods. With a spin of the lid, Vittles Vault locks in freshness and flavor and locks out pests.There’s no need to hide your container. The Vittles Vault Plus keeps pet food or seed fresh and pest free. This uniquely shaped container is designed for maximum capacity and heavy […]