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They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies – But Watch What Happens When They Get There

English Golden Retrievers – Discover How They Differ From The American And Canadian Goldens

If you are a fan of goldens, you can quickly see the difference between American Golden Retrievers and English Golden Retrievers. Both are beautiful, friendly and intelligent, but physical differences are distinct. The breed originated in Scotland. It was specifically bred to retrieve water fowl and other game birds. Consequently they have a soft mouth […]

Heartworms In Dogs – What They Are & What To Do

Heartworms (Latin title Dirofilaria immitis) are parasitic worms that are typical in each canines and cats. Like their title suggests, they reside in the dog’s center, typically free-floating in the proper ventricle and nearby blood vessels. The worms are transmitted from puppy to canine by mosquitoes which pass the worm larvae by way of their […]

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GROOMAGIC – THE BEST KEPT PROFESSIONAL GROOMER’S SECRET FINALLY, CONTROL SHEDDING PET HAIR WITH PATENTED GROOMING BAR – Effectively and easily lifts loose hair with simple petting motion pets love! – No dragging, pulling or thinning of your pet’s coat – even with daily use! – Even great for pets who dislike brushes, combs or […]