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Extreme Dog Makeover Show

World Dog Show 2012 /WDS2012/ Yorkshire Terrier Female Junior Class

Cocker Spaniel wins at WIndsor Dog Show

Best of Pomeranians at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Show Dog Training

Show Dog competitions are popular all over the world. Thousands of dog fanciers find enjoyment through show dog competitions. Obviously, these owners of show dogs are very proud of their dogs, and they just love showing them off and hopefully win the competition.  Show dog training requires  a combination of obedience training, and also presenting […]

Show Dog Training

Many people will train their dog for various sporting events such as Frisbee catching or obstacle races, then there are some that get into the show dog training aspect of it all. This is where your dog will be showcased as a class breed according to the AKC or CKC, and they will be judged […]