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White Golden Retriever Puppies

Have you seen these golden beauties?? They are just plain heart-warming, sweet and quite a spectacle – even if they chew on the leather. White golden retrievers are quite unique but not rare and special as some breeders have claimed. Beware, you could be asked to pay more if you buy the hullabaloo. This dog […]

Leroy the Magical Talking Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Health Tips

Raising a golden retriever means enjoying a good time with them. Considering them as a part of your family, you have to learn the basics so that you can give your pet the best he deserves. One of the most important thing that you should consider are the golden retreiver health issues. Maintaining your dogs […]

Understanding The Golden Retriever Breed

The Golden retriever breed is generally a large breed of dogs. Originally, this breed was developed to be used in hunting and retrieve a shot waterfowl and upland games. They were bred to have a soft mouth for the advantage of the retrieve game as well as a natural love for water. The golden retriever […]

Grooming Your Golden Retriever

If you happen to own a golden retriever then you should definitely know how important it is to keep your dog well groomed all the time. In general the coat of the retriever gets the most attention because they have the most beautiful coats. But a responsible owner of a golden must know for a […]

Great Golden Retriever Fun Facts

Are you looking for some golden retriever information? Are you considering adopting a golden retriever as your next pet? If so, then it’s good to have some facts under your belt before you go shopping. You will want to know the different characteristics of the dog, the personality traits, and what the dog expected you. […]

Crate Training Your Golden Retriever

Crate Training Your Golden Retriever For those who have a crate and leave it open, your Golden Retriever will begin to go to it when he gets sleepy or when he gets confused. Although Golden Retrievers tend to like pet crates, you shouldn’t overuse one by allowing him to spend hours at a time inside […]

Golden Retriever Puppy Taking A Bath

Training For Your Golden Retriever

Training For Your Golden Retriever With the term of training for your Golden Retriever, there are lots of diverse meanings involved. When you are planning to train your Golden Retriever, you’ve got a few options open to you. Below, we will take a look at the many types of practicing for your Golden, and help […]

The Origin of the Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever was developed in Scotland at “Guisachan” near “Glen Afric”. It was Lord Tweedmouth, as documented, bred the first dog dated back to 1800s. The Tweed Water Spaniel- this is the first bred a female named “Belle” this kind is rare to find but common in border country, Irish Setter, Newfoundland, and Bloodhound, […]

How to Adopt a Golden Retriever

Seeing an unfortunate dog on the street, starve, wounded and no home for shelter is a heart -rending sight. What they need is a new home and a chance to survive. Some people instead of buying consider adoption of the unfortunate dog and provide a new home and family. Seeing an unfortunate dog on the […]

Hunting With Your Golden Retriever

As far as breed popularity goes, Golden Retrievers are near the top of the list. Because the breed is intelligent and very eager to please, they are one of the most trainable breeds of dog in existence. Golden Retrievers, besides being wonderful family pets and doting companion animals, are employed in a variety of uses […]

Finding Good Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale

It is not an easy task to find good breeds of dogs easily as many people might sell you breeds which are not pure and you accidentally pay those more because you thought that your puppy was of a good breed. Dogs are the most friendly and loving animals on earth and they are widely […]

Golden Retriever Obedience Training

Obedience training for your golden retriever should begin the day you bring him home from the breeders. You should decide what your new puppy will and will not be allowed to do and stick with it like glue. This means that the day you get your new puppy, you shouldn’t allow him climb up on […]