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Pit-bull: A One of a Kind Dog Breed

In the common world, the public see both american bullies and adults as among the scariest breeds because of stories from other former owners that their temperament is unpredictable so you always have to stand your guard. But these dogs like many those from other families have their own instincts, if they are threatened or […]

5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Know How to Train a Pitbull Puppy

People love different types of dogs. Most people would naturally go after the small and kind loving dog that can give them love and affection while some others prefer to have the large breeds that can provide unquestionable loyalty and protection to the owners. If you are a person who wants only the best of […]

Rules that pitbull puppy owners must know

Having pitbull puppies to your home needs a lot of adjustment, especially if you are a new to taking care of dogs. Dogs have been told by their owner different tricks, and they do it without questioning their owners at all. And this happens because of how the owner raised the dog when the dog […]

Some Valuable Points on Pit-bull Puppies

Pit-bull puppies are being bred to surpass the typical breed of dogs which we often have for display with our friends or relatives. Other than the usual guarding function of dogs, they also serve as close friends when we are alone or even sad. Abkc Yes, dogs take away our momentary sadness and pit bulls […]

7 week pitbull puppies playing with mom outside.

Pitbull Fights – How to Prevent Them

Do you own several pit bulls? If you do, then you should be extra cautious when you leave them unsupervised. This is necessary even if your dogs are ‘friendly’ with each other. When you can’t supervise your pit bulls, you have to ensure that they are kept separately from one another. Violent fights can take […]