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PetSafe Healthy Pet Water Station, Large, PFD17-11856

The PetSafe Healthy Pet Water and Food Station is the ?rst gravity food system with a removable-stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. Simply sanitize the stainless steel bowl at high temperatures in your dishwasher to eliminate potential bacteria that can cause your pet harmful infections from micro-organisms, allergic reactions […]

PetSafe Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Meal Dispensing Dog Toy, Medium/Large

Premier Busy Buddy Kibble NibbleThe Busy Buddy line of toys was developed to give you and your dog toys and treats that provide longer lasting playtime, to help protect items in your home from destructive chewing. The Busy Buddy line of dog toys and treats is designed for longer lasting playtime. Busy Buddy treat holding […]

PetSafe Large Extreme Weather Pet Door, White

In hot or cold climates, this door saves energy while giving your pal his freedom. If you live in a location with an extreme climate you’ll love this door. Our 3-flap pet door keeps extreme hot and cold out of your home while giving your pet the freedom to come and go. This well-designed door […]

PetSafe Busy Buddy Refill Ring Dog Treats for select Busy Buddy Dog Toys, Natural Rawhide, Size B

Busy Buddy treat rings are designed as refills for select Busy Buddy dog toys. The combination of toys plus treats motivates dogs to play longer, redirecting potentially destructive behavior into positive playtime. Size B natural rawhide treat rings fit Busy Buddy toys that hold Size B treat refills. Examples include the Medium Bouncy Bone, Small […]

PetSafe Replacement Flap, Large for PetSafe Freedom Door

Replacement Flap Large for PetSafe Freedom Door $ 31.49

PetSafe Pet Screen Door

Brown Premium Pet Screen Door $ 16.01

PetSafe Telescoping Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door, Large

Easy to install, do-it-yourself pet door for your wall. Telescoping tunnel to accommodate both 2 x 4″ and 2″ x 6″ construction. Double flap construction with adjustable sill and extra strong magnets ensures excellent insulation factor. Durable aluminum frame. Includes a non-rusting locking closing panel. For dogs 100 lbs and under.” PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum […]

PetSafe In-Ground Super Receiver, PRF-275-19

PetSafe is a pet lover. PetSafe brings the dogs to work every day. PetSafe designs the products with pets in mind and they are always looking for new ways to relate to and care for our pets better. PetSafe is the world leader in Bark Collars, Underground Dog Fences, Wireless Pet Containment, Pet Doors, Dog […]

PetSafe Innotek Spray Commander Dog Training Tool

The Innotek Spray Commander, a safe effective and state-of-the-art training tool, uses harmless spray to condition the animal toward proper behavior. $ 65.42

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence

About the Stay+Play Wireless Fence Create a dog park in your yard with the Stay+Play Wireless Fence from PetSafe® Brand. The Stay+Play wirelessly contains your pet in an adjustable ¾ acre circular boundary to keep him safe in his play area. This rechargeable system can be set up in as little as 1-2 hours and […]

PetSafe Compatible RFA-67 Replacement Batteries (Pack of 10)

Fido’s Fences RFA-67 compatible battery is guarantee to work with your Pet Safe product. It will last as long or longer than original Pet Safe batteries. $ 13.99

Petsafe Treat Pouch Sport, Black

Belt clip and detachable/adjustable belt PetSafe Treat Pouch Sport The Treat Pouch Sport is the perfect accessory for training sessions and trips to the dog park. Divided pockets that stay open make training with multiple treats a cinch. Multiple clips and loops let you attach your clicker, remote trainer, or any other training tool. The […]

PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Pet Feeder

With the PetSafe 5-meal electronic pet feeder you never have to worry about your dog or cat running out of food or overeating. It automatically feeds your pets up to 5 times a day. The electronic timer allows you to set the times each new meal is presented in one hour increments. $ 39.95

PetSafe In-Ground Deluxe Ultralight Collar with Radio Receiver, PUL-275

Extra Receiver, In Ground Radio Fence $ 59.50

PetSafe Single Cell 4-Pack Replacement Filters for Pet Water Fountains

This pack of 4 replacement charcoal filters are for the Drink well Avalon and Pagoda Ceramic Pet Water Fountains. Drink well Replacement Charcoal Filters keep your pet’s water tasting clean and fresh. Each filter features a duo-density polyester pad that catches hair and debris, while the charcoal removes bad tastes and odors from the water […]

PetSafe 3-Volt Lithium Battery Module, RFA-188

RFA-188 battery module is used for the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Keep your Petsafe Receivers Running with PetSafe Batteries! 3-Volt 5 year shelf life Each lasts 1 month Fits any PetSafe receiver requiring 3 volts only Only the following Petsafe items use the RFA-188 3 Volt Battery: $ 6.00

PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102

Bark Control Collar $ 42.99

PetSafe SlimCat Food Distributor Ball, Blue

Interactive product that increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating and corrects behavioral problems $ 4.23

Petsafe GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Dog Collar

If you want to stop your dog’s excessive barking effectively without hurting him with a shock collar, try this GentleSpray Citronella Anti-Bark Collar. Electric shock and ultra-sonic products attempt to redirect behaviors with pain. In addition to being less effective, pain may actually increase anxiety and aggression and make some behavior problems worse. The GentleSpray […]

PetSafe 6-Volt Lithium Battery (2 Batteries per Pack)

RFA-67D lithium battery 2-pack is used for all Pet Safe recievers that require a 6-volt lithium battery module. $ 3.99

PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent

Uses ultrasonic sound to deter nuisance barking $ 35.33

PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier

PetSafe Pawz Away Instant Pet Barrier (formerly the Innotek Indoor Zone-Pet Barrier) is designed by professionals to instantly keep your dog away from problem areas in your home — no training necessary. Unlike other deterrents,the Instant Pet Barrier is totally cordless/wireless. You can put the Barrier near anything you want your pet to avoid the […]