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Watching a Puppy Grow – The first 14 days – Newborn Pomeranian Puppy

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The First Years Hands Free Gate Extension

Our Hands Free Gate is more versatile than ever with this 5″ extension. Use one or two extensions on our Hands Free Gate to accommodate any doorway or hallway up to 44″.Many homes feature a potentially troubling combination: curious toddlers plus doorways too wide for standard gates. This extension unit is designed for use with […]

Husky Einstein puppy’s first howl

Impossibly Cute Husky Puppy: Wolfie’s First Week

The First Years Hands Free Gate

Rarely does a mom or dad make it through a day without thinking they could use an extra set of hands. So First Years designed the next best thing – a safety gate that doesn’t require any hands at all! But even though it’s simple for an adult to just press on the pedal and […]