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Epica Remote Dog Training Collar Shock and Vibration for 2 Dogs Provides Safe but Annoying Static Stimulation with Ability to Shock or Vibrate Each Dog Separately

The Epica dog training collar allows you to go out with your dogs without having to use a leash . When he misbehaves, you simply press a button on the remote which sends a signal to the receiver collar, delivering a harmless static stimulation to your dog. It quickly teaches him to associate the annoying […]

Advantage Flea Control Kit for Dogs and Cats up to 10 Doses

Your Kit will contain 1 tube 4.0 ml of genuine Advantage flea treatment sized for extra large dogs, which you will divide into smaller doses for your cat or dog. Your Kit includes an Amber Glass Vial in which the excess Advantage is stored for future doses. Your Kit also includes a sterile, clearly marked […]

Chasing Our Tails Elk Rack Snack, 100-Percent All Naturally Shed ElkAntler Chew, Large Size 7-Inch to 10-Inch, For up to 75# Dogs

Our Antler Chews are 100-percent naturally shed and foraged by hand from Colorado. No animal was harmed in the making of our antler chews. Elk naturally shed their antlers after the rut typically starting in Late October and continuing through the winter. Our Antlers are foraged, pressure washed, and cutup. No additional processing is needed. […]

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Dog Food for Adult Dogs, Chicken Patties, 32 Count, 16 Ounce Bag

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Chicken Patties For Dogs contain the same ingredients as the raw frozen chicken patties. These patties are freeze-dried to lock in the freshness of real meat. They are a complete diet and provide all the convenience of a conventional dry food without compromising the nutritional value, bio-availability, and proven health […]

Cadet 1-Pound Bully Sticks for Dogs, 4 to 6-Inch

Cadet 1-pound Bully Sticks are four to six inches in length and will give your dog an alternative to your shoes. Made from 100-percent All Natural ingredients, preservative free, and hormone free, your dog will chew happily and healthy. $ 19.99

C.E.T. HEXtra Premium Oral Hygiene Chews with Chlorhexidine, Extra-Large Dogs, 30 Chews

C.E.T. Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs with Chlorhexidine $ 20.26

Snuggie for Dogs in Pink – As Seen on TV

Snuggie for Dogs in Pink – As Seen on TVDog Snuggies! Finally you can keep your dog warm all year long. It’s the blanket coat with sleeves. No more struggling with trying to dress your squirmy pet in tight apparel. The Snuggie for dogs has adjustable velcro tabs and an easy step into design that […]

Older Dog Health Problems – Common Health Problems Facing Senior Dogs

Like all animals, as dogs age they tend to develop health problems unique to older dogs. Many dog owners have a difficult time accepting this fact and think that their lively pooch is not an older dog and will not have health problems. Dogs can, however, show signs of aging as early as seven years old. Older dog health problems […]

Angels’ Eyes Tear-Stain Eliminator for Dogs, 120-Gram Bottle

Angels’ Eyes is the first product specifically developed for dogs to eliminate unsightly tearstains from the inside out! Angels’ Eyes also helps to eliminate staining around the mouth and their coats due to licking. Other products are topical requiring high maintenance and yet will only remove the tear stains temporarily causing it to return worse […]

Frontline Plus Value Kit for Dogs 1-22 lbs., 6 Month Supply

Your Frontline Plus Value Kit will include ONE 4.02 milliliter (ml) tube of factory-sealed, U.S. EPA Frontline Plus flea and tick treatment for EXTRA LARGE DOGS. You will divide the tube into smaller, .67 ml doses for your smaller dog–the same amount that is contained in a pipette of Frontline Plus for small dogs. The […]

Dogswell Happy Hips for Dogs, Chicken Breast,15-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)

HAPPY HEART Chicken Breast Jerky is made with all-natural chicken breast and fortified with flaxseed oil and taurine to help maintain a healthy heart. $ 32.37

Dogs 101: Pomeranian

Dogs For Sale Website – The Best Way to Get a Dog

A dog is an amazing animal. Their commitment to friendship and understanding towards their human companions is exemplary. When you are bringing home a dog from a dogs for sale shop, there are certain very important factors to remember. Remembering these factors will not only help you get your best dog from ‘dogs for sale’ […]

Wellness Grain-Free Dry Dog Food for Adult Dogs, CORE Original, 26-Pound Bag

Wellness CORE is based on the raw feeding philosophy of providing nutrient-rich, high-quality meat to a dog’s diet. Each grain-free recipe is packed with meat from deboned turkey and chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, whitefish meal and chicken liver along with a proprietary blend of fruits, vegetables, oils and botanicals that nurture your dog to […]