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Purina defends Beneful dog food against claims

PURINA Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food, 15.5-Pound

Healthy Weight Maintenance for DogsThe Beneful Healthy Weight Formula is made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients with lesser calories. This dog food recipe provides smart calorie nutrition with six different pieces. The moist and chewy chunks are made with chicken, soybean hulls, whole wheat flour, ground yellow corn and other nutritious ingredients.Beneful Healthy Weight FormulaFewer […]

Beneful Dog Food Prepared Meals Beef Stew Dog Food, 10-Ounce Plastic Containers (Pack of 8)

The Beneful prepared meals beef stew dog food contains 10-Ounce plastic Containers in a pack of 6 helps your dog happy and healthy with wholesome ingredients that include beef, peas, carrot, rice and barley in a container. $ 12.21