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High Tech Pet Single Electronic Collar Battery for Model MS-4 and MS-5, 2-Count

This replacement battery for High Tech Pet models MS-4 and MS-5 electronic collars is designed specifically to prevent damage if accidentally installed incorrectly. This battery typically powers a collar for 3 months and has a shelf life of years. Not for use with models MS-2 or MS-2A collars. Pack of 2 batteries. $ 7.99

Pet Safe RFA-67D 6-Volt Battery, Economy, 6-Pack, 12 Batteries

Genuine Petsafe brand. Fits most Petsafe fence, bark and training collars, including the Petsafe wireless fence collar. $ 28.97

PetSafe 3-Volt Lithium Battery Module, RFA-188

RFA-188 battery module is used for the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Bark Control Keep your Petsafe Receivers Running with PetSafe Batteries! 3-Volt 5 year shelf life Each lasts 1 month Fits any PetSafe receiver requiring 3 volts only Only the following Petsafe items use the RFA-188 3 Volt Battery: $ 6.00

Battery Operated Scat Mat Lrg 48×20 In

Electronic mat automatically trains pets to stay off of or away from any area in your home $ 59.47

PetSafe 6-Volt Lithium Battery (2 Batteries per Pack)

RFA-67D lithium battery 2-pack is used for all Pet Safe recievers that require a 6-volt lithium battery module. $ 3.99

Electronic Fence R21 and R51 Dog Collar Battery

IFA-001 Features: -Dog collar battery.-For Invisible Fence R21 and R51 dog collars. $ 8.49