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Small Dog Breeds And Their Great Appeal

If the best things come in small packages, then a small dog will make the perfect addition to your family. These tiny innocent creatures will instantly win you over with their unconditional love, constant companionship and signature diminutive demeanor. In fact, small dogs make perfect companion dogs because they can always be by your side, carried around easily, effortlessly scooped up into your lap, or tucked into your carry bag. Paris Hilton’s Chihuahua playing peek-a-boo from her Lady Dior bag is a popular and much publicized case in point.

Typically, dogs that weigh less than 22 pounds or are shorter than 16 inches are bracketed as small dogs. Of course, this is merely a rough estimation, and some small dog breeds are slightly heavier or much lighter or even taller or even tinier than this. Take for instance the Chihuahua breed. These are the tiniest of all small dogs weighing a meager 6 to 8 pounds and standing proud at a modest 6 to 10 inches tall.

There are a stupendous variety of small dog breeds that can capture your heart. Aside from the itsy-bitsy Chihuahua, there is the adorable Pug, the silken-haired Maltese, the Beagle with its heightened sense of smell, the eager-to-please Boston Terrier, the frisky and playful Pomeranian, the energetic Yorkshire Terrier, the long-haired fluffy Lhasa Apso, the lion-faced Pekingese, and many more. Each of them is just as adorable as the other, and you will be spoilt for choice as far as this little league goes.

Small dogs are extremely useful additions to your family. Aside from being great companions and adapting easily to your home environment, they also make brilliant watch dogs. So you needn’t worry about your family’s protection with a small dog at home. They may be tiny, but the slightest inkling of danger will have them bringing the house down with deep-throated yelps and barks.

Small dogs can also be trained fairly easily. They are obedient dogs with an eagerness to please their masters. Hence, following orders and obeying your command comes reasonably easy to them.

In general, small dog breeds are extremely low maintenance. Most of them do not shed fur all over the place, and hence your house will not be a furry mess. Also, such dogs get their fill of exercise just by strutting about indoors. So in case you are pressed for time and are not able to constantly take your dog out for a walk, you do not have to worry about him getting lazy or fat.

Finally, and most importantly, small dogs are usually a great hit among children. Their unintimidating size and unbridled affection makes it easier for little kids to befriend these tiny creatures. All in all, small dogs are not only the cutest and most adorable of dogs, but also very useful and beneficial additions to the family. There is nothing quite like a cute little doggie to complete that perfect family portrait.

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