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Dog Urine Smells – What to Do About Them?

If you have dog urine smells and are wondering what to do about them then I think I can help you. I have 2 Cocker Spaniels and when I came home from work I was regularly greeted with the smell of dog urine and it was so frustrating. I learned how to clean them up and eventually trained my dogs so that they never did it again. Here are some of my top tops for getting rid of dog urine smells.

Is the urine itself gone? – If the urine itself has actually gone then you are better off going straight to the step about baking soda. If it is a really weak smell you could probably just cover it with air freshener.

Paper towels – As soon as you become aware that your dog has urinated, get some paper towels and some washing up gloves and start soaking up with the paper towels as much of the dog urine as possible. Keep applying pressure to the towels until you can get up no more urine. You may even want to put some towels down and put a heavy weight on top of them and come back later for top results.

Baking Soda – Now you want to go and get some baking soda from your cupboard or really cheap from your local shop. Sprinkle it on the area where the dog urine smell is coming from. This gets rid of the urine and the smell and a bonus is that dogs hate the smell of baking soda in general so they will avoid urinating in that spot again. Make sure you use enough and if in doubt use a little bit more.

Hoover – Get a hoover after leaving the baking soda for 45 minutes and hoover all of the baking soda up. This should have taken up all of the urine and the smell also.

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