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Rules that pitbull puppy owners must know

Having pitbull puppies to your home needs a lot of adjustment, especially if you are a new to taking care of dogs. Dogs have been told by their owner different tricks, and they do it without questioning their owners at all. And this happens because of how the owner raised the dog when the dog was still a puppy.

There are standard pitbull puppies rules that the owner must obey.

Your pup must always be supervised. You don’t want them to roam all around your house and then you will just find out that the pup used the floor as a bathroom. You must always have an eye on your pup. If you are used to having your pup out in the night, that should be changed. You must not allow your pup out in the night. Instead, put them in a wire kennel and let them stay there in the night. Then when the morning comes, a leash must be attached to them and you will take them out. If they are done with potty issues, then you can return them to the wire kennel.
If the pup is out of its wire kennel, a 20-foot cotton leash must be attached to them. There are two benefits on why you should attach them to a leash. First, the leash will teach the pup to accept it. Second, you will still have the supervision of your pup even if it’s not inside the wire kennel.
There should be a tight schedule when it comes to feeding your pitbull puppies. Through this, potty training for them will be a lot easier. Your pup should eat three times daily. And if it doesn’t eat 20 minutes after you have given it the food, pick the food up and give it again when the next feeding time arrives.
Love your puppies. The needs of the puppies and adult dogs are the same. Their needs are Water, Shelter, Food, Exercise and Attention. Attention is very important to dogs. You will be respected by your dogs if you respect their needs. You must be able to give all their needs, especially love and attention. But be sure that you are giving their needs in equal portions because if you just give them too much attention while their other needs are not been given, they will end up as bad-mannered dogs.

These four rules are just some of the rules that you must know when it comes to taking care of your pitbull puppies. Always remember that you must always love them and give them the right amount of attention that they needed, as well as their other needs.

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