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Pitbull Fights – How to Prevent Them

Do you own several pit bulls? If you do, then you should be extra cautious when you leave them unsupervised. This is necessary even if your dogs are ‘friendly’ with each other. When you can’t supervise your pit bulls, you have to ensure that they are kept separately from one another. Violent fights can take place when dogs irritate each other because of toy control or possession. Pitbull fights can occur when you’re not around; read on and you will know how to prevent potential fights in the future.

The good thing about humans is that they can back off when there are misunderstandings or disagreements. With dogs, specifically the pit bulls, disagreements can lead to brutal fights. If you own different dog breeds, the pit bull will surely come out as a winner because for generations, these dogs were bred that way.

Male pit bulls can be a big problem especially in the presence of strange dogs. The female is also aggressive but not as much as their male counterparts. Some owners resort to neutering but this doesn’t prevent aggression at all times. When you are taking your dog for a walk, don’t forget to put a leash. Along the way, you’re sure to meet other dogs so if yours is on a leash, you can control its behavior.

When you are out walking, never allow your dog to urinate near your property like fences, paths, trees, etc. This is one way to prevent your dog from claiming the property as his territory and will start out Pitbull fights. If this happens, when other dogs happen to pass by, the dog will definitely want to fight with other dogs because it’s his territory. Start training early and teach your dogs certain commands. Come, sit, and stay are basic commands that you can teach your pet.

Never address your dog’s aggressive behavior by talking in a soft voice. Don’t pet them when they are behaving aggressively! However, this doesn’t mean that you should yell or scream at your dog. If you are trying to scare away a stranger dog, don’t run towards it because your pit bull will think that you’re attacking the dog and he will usually join you.

Like other dogs, the pit bulls want to please its master or owner. If you can positively train your dog, you can expect good behavior. This breed is very responsive and with proper training, you can surely control fights. If you don’t know how to train a dog, you’d better start learning about the techniques that you can use. Seek professional help and make sure that you train your pit bull as early as possible. It’s more difficult to train pit bulls when they are older and by then, they have already developed too much aggressive behavior.

Pitbull fights are common but you can prevent it. Follow these tips and you can expect your dog to live peacefully with other dogs. Buy a leash just to be sure so that you can separate your dogs when you are away.

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