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5 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Know How to Train a Pitbull Puppy

People love different types of dogs. Most people would naturally go after the small and kind loving dog that can give them love and affection while some others prefer to have the large breeds that can provide unquestionable loyalty and protection to the owners. If you are a person who wants only the best of both worlds in terms of dogs, you need to get yourself a pitbull puppy. Not many people would go after this idea since they do not know how to train a pitbull puppy in the first place. If you are like this, you should read further into the article to know more about them.

Nature vs nurture

                When you talk about the most notorious dogs in history, pitbulls are definitely on the top of the list. The main reason why these dogs are given a bad reputation is the fact that history has been really unkind to them. Back in the old days, people used to call them the “dogs of America”. They were really kind and loyal dogs with great athleticism and agility. Because of such traits, some people use them for dog fights and put them in pits. These led people to the idea that these dogs are mean by nature and that they will kill other dogs and people if ever they are agitated.

Removing all stereotypes

                While it remains to be true that these dogs have a bad reputation, the peel of today can change all that through removing all the stereotypes. What this means is that you will be able to learn how to train a pitbull puppy if you treat it like any other type of dog. You should not look at it like a mean killing machine but instead, you should look at it with kindness and compassion. These dogs have been through enough with their history and the last thing that they need is to be judged at an early age.

Exercise and Nutrition

                In learning how to train a pitbull puppy, you should always spend a lot of time with them. Usually, people do this by constantly walking their dogs or playing with them on some occasions. These dogs are really smart and they are agile as well. You can play just about any game that you can throw at them and they will be happy just by doing it. You can often see some online photos of these dogs having neck weights. This should not be done at all because it does not help with their athleticism or their figure. It will only put them at risk for cervical damage and poor posture. Also, giving them the right types of food is also important in order to keep them healthy. NEVER EVER FEED YOUR PITBULL CHICKEN because they are allergic to it.

                Once you have learned about the basic concepts on how to train a pitbull puppy, you will begin to understand how and why they are being loved by so many people. The true test of a well trained dog starts with a well trained owner. You should first start with training yourself before you can go on to train your puppy.

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